DJs Ryan and Fred host The Sound of the Christian Underground on kcpr. In the Light is all the best music you've never heard. We believe the act of creation, emulating our Creator, is an act of worship. And we aim to play music made by people in worship. We don't look for specifically spiritual lyrics or "Jesus-per-minute" counts, we look for good music. To that end, In the Light strives to play the best music made for the Glory of God.
Please listen in Sundays 8-9 PM on KCPR 91.3 FM (you can listen online and call us (805) 756-5277 or IM [AOL: kcprrequest or Yahoo: requestkcpr]. Also you can download past shows here.)

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The Show is now being podcasted for reals!
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In the Light
c/o KCPR 91.3fm
Graphic Arts Bldg 26, Room 201
Cal Poly State University
San Luis Obispo, CA 93407
Some of our Favorite Labels:
Tooth and Nail - Joy Electric, Starflyer 59, etc.
Velvet Blue Music - Map, Pony Express, Richard Swift
Northern Records - Lassie Foundation, F. Lenz, Luxury
Sounds Are Active - Soul Junk, Bizzart, Melk the G6-49, Xn.
Plastiq Musiq - Travelogue, The September Equation, Norway
Asthmatic Kitty - Sufjan Stevens, Viva Voce, Half-Handed Cloud
Sounds Familyre - Danielson Famile, Woven Hand
If you represent any of the labels or artists who are part of this file don't like that we're sharing this online,
please let us know by emailing me [] and we'll talk it out and take it down, if need be.

And if you're seriously thinking of downloading this so you can cut a song we played out of it to have that song, rather than buying that song on itunes or emusic or buying the album from the artist or label or your local internet record store, please reconsider. The artists we play are, to a large extent, making music but not making [much] money. Support them. Buy their cds and tshirts and go to their shows.